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The belly one gets from drinking a 12 pack of beer every day where the abs are covered by a thick layer of fat.
Look at the 12 pack abs on that guy, he must drink a lot of beer.
by Takes balls to go by "Dick" February 17, 2011
The opposite of the Midas touch, where instead of things turning to gold, they turn to shit. Bandini is a fertilizer company in Los Angeles that was famous for its large pile of manure called Bandini Mountain.
Don't let Bill work on your project, his Bandini touch will guarantee that it looks like crap when its done.
by Takes balls to go by "Dick" June 07, 2010
Cover your collective asses. The plural form of CYA or cover your ass.
If you guys don't CYCA, your company could be looking at a big lawsuit.
by Takes balls to go by "Dick" April 17, 2010

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