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Stands for: Capture The Flag.
Started as a modification for the FPS hit: Quake , in which the players were divided in to two groups and the goal was to capture the opposing team's flag and bring it back to your own team's flag while your flag is not stolen.
This mod became popular after some time and now it is an industry standard in multiplayer games.
Because of its complex team play requirements, smaktard's brains are mostly overloaded trying to understand the logic behind it and tend to malfunction. Unable to understand the objective, they fire their own team mates committing a TK.
On the best case scenario it is mistaken as a DeathMatch by n00bs.
Anouncer : Red team has the flag.
Player1_red : I'v got the flag.

*A minute later after some bad ass fighting in red's base*

Player2_red pwned Player1_red.
Blue team's flag returned.
by Takavar June 19, 2005
short for: Multi rockluncher System.A tracked millitary vehicle that is used to luanch low to mid range rockets on battle fields so it can kill other human beings who are counted as an enemy.
there is 12 rockets in each of them or two long range ones.
I got pissed so i killed the guy with my MRLS. hahahha!
by TAKAVAR February 17, 2005
What The Fuck
used a lot when you don't know what is going on
N00b: MOG@!!!!! i own3d your ammaamam1
T.K : WTF?
by TAKAVAR March 27, 2004
Something ifront of your eyes all the time.
not visible for people who have closed they eyes
Shaddap there is no god exist , OMG lol !111!111!!111 ( said an idiot)
by TAKAVAR December 17, 2003
Those who are clueless what an mp3 player is might call any kind of device with head phones an iPad. Mostly senior citizens
granny 1 : Teenagers today are too obsessed with technology
granny 2 : Yea, they are always listening to their iPads , in our time we had to go out and buy a record off a store
(The above is a true story)
by Takavar May 30, 2005

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