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An idea for a story (usually used to refer to fanfic) that gnaws at the brain until written.
"I was up until 3 am last night, writing. I was just attacked by this Harry/Draco plot bunny that wouldn't leave me alone."
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2003
Technically means "Well-informed, perceptive, or shrewd"; in the summer of 2003, fans of "Pirates of the Carribean" adopted the meaning given to the word by Johnny Depp's Catain Jack.

Now used by PotC fans to mean, "Get it?"
"Shut up or I'll shut you up -- savvy?"
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2003
A website; a multi-multi-fandom archive for fanfic of all fandoms, pairings, ratings*, and genres. Fiction quality ranges from poor to excellent, by authors of all levels of experience and talent. Fanfiction.net used to house original fiction as well, before spawning FictionPress, where all previously submitted original fic is now stored.

* FanFiction.net caused a controversy a while back after banning all fanfic rated above R (NC-17). A number of fans boycotted the site after losing their fiction, and several others simply began assigning an R rating to graphic fic.
"Sure, I'm archived at fanfiction.net, under the name 'She Staggers Onward, Rejoicing.'"
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2003
A series of fantasy/satirical books by author Terry Pratchett, taking place on a disc shaped worls carried on the back of the star turtle, Great A'tuin. Discworld has parallels galore with the "real world" while still being entirely fantastical, and as a result, are really fine works of satire.

For several years now, talks have been on for a Discworld movie, and animated adaptations have already been done of the Discworld books "Wyrd Sisters" and "Soul Music" by Cosgrove Hall (I believe).
"You've got to read some 'Discworld' books ... Start with Reaper Man, and I guarrantee you'll fall in love with Death. "
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2003
From the cartoon "Invader Zim".

A destination located at the end of a wormhole Zim created; his choice of where Dib and the other skool children should go. This choice won out over a world of pure itching and a world made entirely out of dookie.

Also the name of a choice "Invader Zim" fansite, at the dot.com of the same name.
"I found the script for 'Mopiness of Doom' over at Romm with a Moose. It's a sweet little story, actually. too bad we'll never see it."
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2003
A devoted and dedicated fan of voice actors, the men and women who provide voices for animated characters in TV cartoons and movies. Voice chasers are usually animation fans first and foremost, and are interested in the "inner workings" of the form; the usually have favorite actors and develop a sharp ability to identify said actors by voice only. Enjoy research VAs, and occasioanlly even strike up friendship and business connections with them through forums or conventions.
"I've been a voice chaser for about five years now; I can recognize Jim Cummings on the first syllable."
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2003
Originated from Shakespeare's "Macbeth"; it means, basically, "let me do it".
"Now plug the red wire inot the... no, the RED wire... yeah. Into the... no! Jesus, look, just... give me the daggers!"
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2003
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