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3 definitions by Taizuku

When someone's internet connection is so bad they appear to be teleporting. While at times being an accidental occurrence, it is often purposely done with the
intent of making the other player "ragequit". Generally followed up by hate mail and spam, Lag-O-Port is looked down upon, by everyone except scrubs.
Guy 1: Dude I was in a ranked match and this noob kept Lag-O-Porting everywhere!

by Taizuku February 22, 2011
"When face with truble call Chuck Noris he strong and doesn't afraid of anything. "

Have you seen something like that before? That's what happens when people that are terrible at speaking english try to hold intelligent conversation on forums. It has become a form of sarcastic reply when your favorite person (or character) is challenged in power. When they "doesn't afraid of anything" you know it's on!
Some guy: "Dante from DMC is stronger than Batman because Dante Doesn't afraid of anything"

Regular reply: ...I'll file that under CSB

Douche reply: LURN 2 ENGRISH
by Taizuku April 05, 2011
The CSI version of "Cool story bro." If you get this...you probably just treated a forum like a blog, or you are generally disliked on your forum of choice (cough, NMB)
Seriously guy...do we have to know everything?
Guy: "OMG GUYS! I had a dream that I was choking on a chicken bone but it turns out the chicken was actually..."

Guy2: "Whoa whoa whoa Guy...I'll file that under CSB"

Guy: :C
by Taizuku April 05, 2011