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Main Entry: pon·def·e·cate

Pronunciation: pän-'de-fi-"kAt

Function: intransitive verb

Inflected Form(s): -cat·ed; -cat·ing

Etymology: Medieval Latin pontificatus, past participle of pontificare, from Latin pontific-, pontifex
;and Latin defaecatus, past participle of defaecare, from de- + faec-, faex dregs, lees

1: to speak out ones rectum; to speak of subject matter beyond the scope of ones intellect in hopes of sounding knowledgeable.

- pon·def·e·cation /(")pän-"de-fi-"kA-sh&n/ noun
- pon·def·e·cator /-"kA-t&r/ noun
"Mike really likes to pondefecate! Even when it's obvious that he doesn't have a clue, he continues pondefecating just to be heard."

"Was there any useful information shared at the meeting, or was it just a bunch of pondefecators rambling on about shit they don't understand?"

Related words or phrases: Talking out your ass; Bullshitting or Talking bullshit; Blow smoke up their ass.

by Taiichi June 14, 2007

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