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3 definitions by Tag Team

Actually, it is a radio term but it means Loud and Clear, not I hear you and you hear me.
RTO 1: I've got you 5X5.
RTO 2: Roger, I've got you lima charlie.
by Tag Team August 26, 2007
docapy-the feeling of disappointment when something is not as good as the first time it was experienced.

Dave, Craig and Paul were sitting in a pub (bar) around 1984 and decided to make up a word and see if they could get it into a dictionary. They took their initials and added some vowels and came up with docapy.

They also thought there should be word for the feeling you get when you go back for seconds of something and it turns out not to be as good as the first time you had it.
by Tag Team July 24, 2006
C'mon guys. Think of your lady on top with her knees up around your hips and she is fucking you. She is as naked as a frog and in this position she is frog-like in appearance. Feels good, too. And she gets to dictate terms.
My babe and I were making love and we rolled over such that she could frog me. She gets off on frogging me as she is able to control the clitoral contact. Good stuff.
by Tag Team January 01, 2008