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Often said on IRC, this is short for "salaam", or hello.

People from Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, etc like to say this.
<malaysian_guy> slm
<you> slm
<malaysian_guy> a/s/l?
<you> Sorry, i dont speak Malaysian.
by Tadou January 06, 2005
Used to respond to something, usu. on a message board.
"Your an idiot" <--That would be you're, you fucking retard.
by Tadou January 06, 2005
Similar to the intertubes, but best used to describe a local area network or intranet.
Mary's ethertubes aren't working. Send IT over there to get it straightened out.
by Tadou December 07, 2007
A woman that, while not top notch, is still a candidate for....you know....doing it.
- She's good looking, right?

- Eh...she's serviceable.

- Indeed, my friend.
by Tadou December 27, 2010

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