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All those little kids that spend their entire life and money on the Call Of Duty franchise. This individual:

1. Thinks that the only "kick-ass" game is Cod.
2. Is usually a fat potty-mouthed socially depressed kid and has fat parents who don't give a shit about his child's health and therefore let him play videogames all the time to keep him away from their lives while feeding him fast food from Mc. Donalds.
3. Thinks that he can go to the army and eventually kick everyone's ass without any kind of training.
4. Believes of himself as the best because of his kill/death ratio, or his high multiplayer rank.
5. Is doomed to live the rest of his life as a dungeon troll.
COD Fanboy's logic:

Maybe if I insult everyone, people will start thinking that I am a badass. "MOM BRING ME SOME HOT CHOCOLATE IM HUNGRY YOU BITCH!"

Everyone in the lobby:
*watch out we've got a badass over here*
by TadGaming October 27, 2012
Just another disney channel crack addict that believes to be the best of both worlds when actually she is imagining all of this while sitting in a dumpster doing meth and sucking Billy Ray's 2-inch dick.
Some guys walking down the street...
Steve: "Hey check that slut over there what the fuck?"
Jimmy: "Yo thats Hannah Montana"
Steve: "Poor fuck, disney might as well cancel that shitty show"
Jimmy: "Yep it sucks granny tranny ass"
Steve: "Oh well, wanna play Halo?"
Jimmy: "Sure!"
by TadGaming October 27, 2012

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