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3 definitions by Tactical

When a person shows a behavior similar to a stalker, he has a stalkative behaviour.
"He's been staring at her house for three hours..."
"Damn, he's stalkative"
by Tactical April 03, 2004
Having a conversation that is much smaller than small talk. It is usually about a sentence (or less) from one person and a one word response from the other.
Brandon- "Hey!"
Brett- "Hey!"

and they continue with their day.
(This is a small bit talk)
by TaCticAL May 18, 2012
Get Outta My Ass, rarely used on the internet, used by people in online guilds/clans when someone from a lower rank sucks up to you
Member: You are so good, I wanna be like you, oh my you are the best!
Clanleader: lol GOMA allready!
by Tactical April 03, 2004