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Is a slang term for World Of Warcraft, used generally in the first person, and when you are addicted to the game. May also be used in Third Person.
"Man, I Played World Of Warcrack For about 13 hours non-stop yesterday!"
by TacoBandito April 05, 2006
A trans-gender person. It doesn't matter if it's guy to girl, or girl to guy.
Woah! we must have taken a turn onto sunset boulevard! Look at all these homans!
by Tacobandito March 09, 2007
When You Throw A Sticky Grenade At An Enemy In The Popular Video Game Halo2, You Are Required To Yell This Out.
"Come on! Come on! Yes! STUCK!!! N00b!!!!
by TacoBandito April 21, 2006

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