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2 definitions by Tacie

A word used by a cashier who has been working entirely too long. After completing a transaction and telling people all day "Have a great day!" but realizing that it is now dark outside, the cashier attempts mid-sentence to say "Have a great night."
(receipt prints)

Cashier: "Have a great (inside cashier's head: Dude, its 9pm)...d'night.."

(Customer looks confused and walks away, cashier feels stupid)
by Tacie August 16, 2008
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The consistency the leftovers take on after sitting in the fridge for some time, and the best excuse to go get fast food."
"Dude what am I supposed to eat?"
"We have that pasta from last night in the fridge."
"Eww no it's all cloogley by now. Lets just go to Taco Bell."
by Tacie July 19, 2008
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