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Note well, an Important Note, take notice.

Nota bene is a Latin phrase, often used after a paragraph to give an extra importance to a particular idea or thought.
Also could be written as: NB
" ________________
_______ _______
___________ ___ Bla Bla Bla "
N.B. this applies to yearly members only.
by TaGGaT December 15, 2008
Affectional, Passionate,Emotional, Sentimental !

Considered an offensive derogatory term when said to a guy.
Within the context, it could be used as a compliment when said to chicks.

N.B. when referring to a single person the letter "S" is omitted.
Women are APES.

Omar didn't leave his house crying for a week when Sarah dumped him, such a sissy APE!

Zak enjoys watching Grey's Anatomy, and his Favorite TV show is Alias, what an APE!

Nadia has PMS and just got fired, imagine how much of a moody APE she could be right now!

My girlfriend cried for an hour after we watched Griffin & Phoenix, She's the cutest APE in the world!
by TaGGaT December 15, 2008

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