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1 definition by T_Virus

under ground DJ from the NY city area, formerly of the club kids he was born in Panama, he runs a club that is only open on sundays in NYC and is openly Bi-Sexual, he is known as the murderer of angel Menendez, he murdered him to get out of a debt caused by his extreme drug habits at the time he has released many CDs including but not limited to Disco Death Race 2000, Jelousy, and Ego Trip. Also he has given himself many nicknames like "The Bad Boy of Techno", "The It Boy", "The Pied Piper", "The Mixmaster", and "The God of Techno" also he named himself as America's #1 DJ.
"Tonight I'm goin' to manhattan to see DJ Keoki in action."
"Did you hear Keoki is looking for a new boyfriend?"
by T_Virus July 20, 2006