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Largely popular term with liberals who need a scapegoat to blame things on when their sole fixation on rhetoric and ideology (and therefore, inability to solve problems) is exposed to be ineffective and completely out of touch with reality
any Obama quote ever spoken, Because, George Bush.
by T_1 June 21, 2010
any machine that causes a hard on for an automotive enthusiast. Sex has never looked so good on wheels.
Why did they censor out that sweet Ducatti from Transformers 2?
Its only rated PG-13 dude, cant have any automotive pornography in there
by T_1 June 19, 2010
the piles of dog shit found in the lawn
Dont let the kids eat the lawn chocolate while im gone
by T_1 June 19, 2010
probably; used as a txt or chat abbreviation
friend: u goin 2 c eclipse?
you: i wud prolly cut my dick off b4 seein that shit
by T_1 July 01, 2010

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