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5 definitions by TYSON1

A gym workout focused entirely on the chest and arms. Repeated several times per week while totally neglecting legs,back,etc.
Typical d-bag workout attire: "Tapout" or "Affliction" shirt,skullcap or ballcap worn backwards,tribal tattoos.
"I couldn't get a good workout today; some fags were doing a douche bag workout and hogged all the benches."
by TYSON1 February 27, 2009
Pretty Girl Syndrome. Women affected with PGS have always been spoiled due to their good looks;first by their parents,then by a succession of men. PGS sufferers are self-centered,selfish,spoiled,etc.
But they look damn good.
"That new girl at work is beautiful! But she has a bad case of PGS,what a shame."
by TYSON1 January 20, 2009
A woman who laps up spilled seed as if she were a puppy lapping up water.
Jeez, that new pornstar is a worldclass cum lapper.
by TYSON1 January 20, 2009
A drinking holiday; held on Thanksgiving,Christmas and New Year's Eve. You eat junkfood,watch movies,drink massive amounts of alcohol and end the evening shit-faced and listening to loud rock music.
Man, that loserfest was the best ever! Christmas is for pussies.
by TYSON1 January 11, 2009
"Going down" on a woman's armpit. Only done with the hottest (and cleanest) of women. Nothing better than making oral love to a shaved, tan arm pit.
"I love this pornstar; I'd sell my soul for a pit lick".
by TYSON1 February 01, 2009