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a misspelling of the word turtwigs, the pokemon, that accommodates the "Mudkipz" phenomenon.
stickmliveprsn: Hai evry1
exmpljoiner1: so i herd u liek mudkipz?!
stickmliveprsn:SO AI HERD U LIEK TURTWIGZ?!?!
exmpljoiner1:...touché =|
by TYLUHtrill June 19, 2008
1: Telling a person to shut the fuck up and go away.
2: Referring to somebody you walk by that's very attractive. Usually followed after a stare down of the said person.
Phrase telling the person to "get to bed", as in a sexual manner.

(Noun): A person you're attracted to. Using the word to replace their name.
Often to avoid any akwardness with names, mostly to just want them to just get in bed. now.
Guy1: Wtf? you cant play COD worth shit.
Girl1: GETTABED. asshole.

(Guy walks by)
Girl1:(stares)GETTABED. WTFYES.

Guy1:Hey, gettabed's over there. Go talk to her. What are you waiting for?
Guy2: Honestly she needs to just skip the get to know, and get in my bed now.
by TYLUHtrill November 11, 2009

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