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2 definitions by TWP (triflin' white person)

1. Any small compact car similar to a Honda Civic hatchback which has been modified with tinted windows, shiney rims and custom graphics depicting a lost loved one or "fallen amigo".

2. An incredibly small car which somehow transports up to six hispanic American teenagers to a mall, movie theater or flea market.

See also: Hooptie and rice burner
Father (to daughter): I don't want to see you riding all around town in Junior's Chonga Wagon - it's embarrassing.
by TWP (triflin' white person) August 25, 2009
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1 A loser on facebook

2 Anyone who creates a page or profile on a social networking site with the sole intention of promoting their business or political agenda
3 Anyone who is rather characterless or dull on a social networking site.
"Did you see that Congressman Shmoe has a MySpace account now?"
"OMG, nobody cares about his plan to restore fiscal whatever... he's such a fabooser!"

"I never should have taught my fabooser mother-in-law how to use facebook... now all of her fabooser church friends are trying to save my eternal soul..."

"I see that your manager is following your twitter... I guess you can't tweet about what a fabooser he is..."
by TWP (triflin' white person) September 03, 2009
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