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Another name for Nigeria (country on the coast of West Africa).
Also abbreviated as 9ja.
I am from Naija.
Artists such as D'banj are from Naija.
I have lived in Naija most of my life.
by TWNS September 11, 2008
Nigerian slang word used as an exclamation of a bad situaton. For a direct translation the word has to be divided into two seperate words - "Na" meaning "That is" or "It is" & "WaO" directly meaning "woe"
Man 1 - "Hey bross, I don chop all my money for beer-parlour!" meaning "Hey Bro, I spent all my money at a beer parlour!"

Man 2 - "NawaO."
by TWNS September 25, 2008
Nigerian slang - mixture of the 4 main languages of Nigeria and English.

Same pronounciation as pidgin and nearly the same meaning except for a geographical change.
Dis Oibo sabby speak pidjin well well.
Make you no abuse naija, we go destroy your brain wit our pidjin abuse.
by TWNS September 14, 2008
Nigerian term used to describe craziness. Originally used by the famous Nigerian artist D'banj in his song kolomental. It has been suggested that the word is just another word for LOCO.
That man no de hear word; it be like say he don kolo. (pidjin) - Nigerian slang
Translation - That man doesn't listen; it's like he's gone kolo.
by TWNS September 14, 2008
Hausa word for a man on a motorcycle working independently who takes passengers to thier destinations in exchange for money (Nigeria). Essentially a motorcycle-taxi.
An Achaba took me to work and back.
by TWNS September 13, 2008

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