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A hearty meal consisting of Cheese Fries, topped with Ham, Bacon, Saussage, and your choice of Country or Classic Gravy. Only to be eaten after midnight when one has had too much to drink.
Dude I don't Feel so good.
You devoured the Jewish Nightmare last night and then screamed out OWWWWW SHWITZ!
by TUNA84 September 05, 2009
A child of Chinese ancestry only to be used by the Aunt, Uncle or Funcle
What are you up to today?
We are at Disneyland with my Chiniece
by TUNA84 September 05, 2009
Much Like the regular DUI but this time you're under the influence of one fatty bong rip too many.
Dude! Did you hear what happened to Danny last night?

Yeah he got himself a DU-HIGH
by TUNA84 August 22, 2009
Used predominantly in the gay community, Sick Mother refers to any homosexual male who has made plans and needs an easy excuse to get out of them.
Hey you're still coming over for Tapas Night, right?
Oh, sorry! I have to cancel, Sick Mother.
by TUNA84 September 08, 2009
A tall glass of Sprite with a Dash of Cranberry Juice served by a perky waitress who does a fusion of Jazz Hands and Spirit Fingers as she sets it down and says "Your DAZZLAH sir!"
What would you like to drink?
Make me a DAZZLAH!
by TUNA84 September 05, 2009
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