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A girl who is a blast in the sack, but you may get seriously injured in the process. A girl who is extemely wild or adventurous sexually.
I was with this dirt bike girl last night. I got bruises all over and scratches down my back.
by TTwist February 04, 2008
A girl who is a lot of fun, but you don't want your friends to see you with her.
Chris is a real moped chick. She is a lot of fun, but you don't want to be seen in public with her.
by TTwist February 04, 2008
The person at the gun club or store who is dressed up in military or police equipment, but in reality is not a member of the military or law enforcement.
Jay, did you see that guy on the pistol range wearing the vest with the ten ammo pouches. Is he a policeman? No Jim, he's a Tacttard he installs car stereos for a living.
by TTwist August 11, 2010
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