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3 definitions by TTT of your Face

A freind who says "I'll be your best freind if..." alot. He is bassically selling his freindship for money.
Garrett: I'll be your best freind if you buy me lunch today.
Brandon: You sir, are a brostitute.
by TTT of Your Face February 08, 2010
The act of contracting, when it applies to STDs gotten from women.
I think I may have cuntracted brosyphilis this weekend from Allen's girlfreind. This is a most unfortanate cuntraction.
by TTT of your Face February 08, 2010
When one gets syphilis from a mutual girlfreind or prostitute.
Due to my very unbrolike behavior with regards to Adam's girlfreind, I cuntracted brosyphilis.
by TTT of your Face February 08, 2010