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A riffing style popularized by legendary Metallica frontman James Hetfield. It is basically a punk-rock style rhythm meets Motorhead/NWOBHM etc (new Wave Of British Heavy Metal) resulting in a potent machine-gun gallop sounding orgasmic tune to what most Metalhead calls now as Thrash. Their milestone debut album "Kill 'Em All" introduced that kind of sound and after that it literally spawned hundreds of Thrash bands mimicing that style.
"Metallica single-handedly patented and perfected the Metalli-crunch, that's why they became a legend to the music world"
by TT Boy4 April 12, 2010
A form of addiction amongst straight/gay men of all ages which usually involves wanking over from video hosting websites like Spankwire, xHamster , xVideos etc.,it can also be in the form of voyeurism that involves webcam to webcam activity. To some extent, sick perverts would go as gross as watching Sluts eat their own shit and drink their own piss.

Internet Porn Addiction and Internet Addiction per se usually go hand in hand.
"Dude, I need to go to a marriage counselor or a Psychologist"


"Need to get rid of this Internet Porn Addiction, it could destroy my marriage"
by TT Boy4 April 11, 2010
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