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After you take a wet dump and wipe your butt, there is still shit on the toilet paper after multiple wipes. It takes a very large amount of time to fully clean your asshole.
It took me an hour to wipe my ass, because I had crayon butt.
by TSAsselin August 12, 2011
Very chunky, oddly discolored, excretion from a nasty and/or fat woman's vagina. It looks like ham and smells like cheese
Derek Poulin's girlfriend had Ham and Cheese Discharge when she had an orgasm.
by TSAsselin August 12, 2011
Female goons who hang around Winooski, VT on the corner of the convenience store Chick's Market. They are usually all fat nasty white trash, also referred to as 'Ghetto Booty.' The smell emitting from their cunt is that of a dumpster. As well as being disgusting and having uninhabitable vaginas, they can also be hardcore drug addicts while they are pregnant.
Man did you see that Chick's Market Trash over there? She smells like an anchovies cunt.
by TSAsselin September 14, 2011

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