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5 definitions by TRU Employee

A coin grand slam is something that any lazy schmuck who's worked a cash register knows all too well. It is the much-maligned phenomenon that occurs at the end of a transaction when the change that you owe back to the customer requires you to use at least one of each of the four principal coin denominations (quarter, dime, nickel, and penny) ... thus making you hate your job that much more.
*Cashier rings up customer's single $9.99 item and the computer shows a total of $10.94 after tax*

Cashier: "Holy-bejeebers another coin grand slam?!? That's my third in a row :( I can't take this s*hit anymore ... "
by TRU employee September 25, 2010
The phenomenon that occurs when a man wearing relatively tight/slim pants keeps his phone, wallet, iPod, etc. in his pocket, causing it to bulge out noticeably, so much so that it's often possible to identify the item from its outline alone.
Example #1

*Two coworker friends are talking in the break-room as a third leaves*

Coworker #1: "HAHA ... dude did you see Mike's pocket pregnancy?!?"

Coworker #: "Did I see it?? I'm not blind bro ... I don't understand how he can walk around with that thing ... that's just GROSS!"

Coworker #1: "Yeah and as if that weren't already bad enough you can see clearly that he's still using that iPhone of his ... everyone knows the Evo is better!"

Coworker #2: "Word bro! The iPhone is LAMESAUCE."

Example #2

*Two bros finish having lunch and get up from the table*

Chris: "Holy shit dude I told you last time ... no boners when we're alone together in public!!"

Matt: "Dude calm down ... it's just a pocket pregnancy"
by TRU employee November 03, 2010
A generously sized and inexplicable gap that sometimes occurs between groups of cars on the freeway, most often at night.
Matt: "Dude wtf are you doing?!? You're zig-zagging back and forth between lanes like a bloody lunatic!"

Brad: "It's alright dude, calm down ... can't you see we're in a freeway gap?"
by TRU employee September 30, 2010
Those signs with numbers on them that occasionally dot the sides of roads/freeways.
The speed suggestion sign suggested I go 30 mph ... so I'm going 65.
by TRU Employee April 01, 2012
When a Catholic decides to ditch Sunday mass and instead have their own 'communion' in the comfort of their own home by way of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.
Phil: Hey brah, what do you think you're doing ... shouldn't you be at mass?

Joseph: Naw brah, screw that. That damn communion bread wasn't gonna fill this playa up. Naw ... I decided to stay home for a good ole PB n' Jesus!
by TRU employee May 12, 2011