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A photographer, someone who knows how to takes pictures.
that snap money just shot my ho!
by tro June 05, 2005
Colloquial term describing a person of coloured/mixed race descent in South Africa.

The term stems from the Afrikaans word "bruin" which means brown and the slang term "ous" which is a term used to define a a group of people. The term is not considered derogatory however, it should not be used in polite conversation.

Similar terms are used to describe South African persons of Indian descent (charous/chaarous - this term is not derogatory) as well as Black persons (peki ous/darkie ous - both terms are derogatory) and White persons (vet ous - slightly derogatory)
Coloured person doing a dance
Person: "That bruin ou dances well."

When talking about someone
Person: "You know Tyrone? He's that bruin ou from Wentworth."

The term has been used in song by the band TRO who exclaimed; "Bruin ous, bruin ous, we are the main ous."
Which loosely translates to: "Us coloureds are people of note."
by TRO July 03, 2012
pimp out is a look..a smoothness its the way you act..it refers to the early 60's and 70's when black men and women were smooth..such clothing include a fedora,tam,kangol,prokeds,converse,turtlenecks..CARS anything older than 82 is a pimp out....afros.naturals..locks and cornrows(not fashion cornrows..straight back,) are pimped out....
Yo she straight up pimped those Adidas out..
by tro September 18, 2003

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