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"Bremerhoes" meaning the fat, ugly, and most disgusting women you'll meet at bars and social places in the city of Bremerton, WA.
Hey Mike, Promise me tonight won't be like last time. You can't be getting too tipsy and taking "Bremerhoes" back home with us."
by TRISOM DOT ORG March 01, 2011
"Duuuuuuuuty" is a phrase used by people in the Military, for rubbing it into somebody, that in fact does and is on Duty that day of work, thus being stuck there for a full twenty-four hours.
Hey Joe, how's your morning? It's g......It doesn't matter Joe, because your stuck here all day, while were out tonight at the bar with the girls, but you won't be there, why? I know, because your on "Duuuuuuuuty."
by TRISOM DOT ORG March 01, 2011
When the big, overweight and hefty guy that everyone knows for infamously getting away with eating/drinking your food(s) or beverages. He looks scary that you might "Eik" in fear, and he's that "Mouch" we all know, he's "The Eikmouch".
Yo! So "The Eikmouch", asked to "try one bite of my sandwich" during lunch, he ended up eating half of it in one bite! What a scab.
by TRISOM DOT ORG March 01, 2011
The term "Hot racking", is lingo in the Military for laying or sleeping on his/hers rack. Hot meaning bad, racking meaning your rack or bed.
Hey look, John's in his rack already and we just got off work two mintues ago. It smells over there, he must be "Hot racking."
by TRISOM DOT ORG March 01, 2011

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