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A PC game made by id Software, also responsible for games such as Quake and Wolfenstein. You kill monsters with cool weapons. Made in 1992, uses 2D sprites for enemies, objects, your character's hand with gun. First person shooter.
Let's play Doom on my PC.
by TRH October 23, 2003
I dunno the real definition, but I guess it's "being an idiot", or "being naughty".
1.Stop farting around and help me out here!
2.What are you doing? Farting around again!?
by TRH October 28, 2003
Really cool dude in the Metal Gear series. Wears a bandana, goes on espionage missions, stops evil weapons called Metal Gear. Think Metal Gear Solid 2. Smokes cigarettes. Has a gruff voice. Full name is Solid Snake. Kills people.
Snake, let's go over the objectives again.
by TRH October 23, 2003

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