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Wanda; MANwanda; someone who wins a vocabulary contest or whatnot; preferably a man with strong female characteristics; often because of their sexy vocabulary
As miss vocabulary walks on the stage, the judges notice how sexy her vocabulary is.

His sexy vocabulary compensated for his strong female characteristics.

"C_" thinks miss vocabulary has sexy words.
by TREEsa :D April 01, 2005
Awkward question asked by Wanda's neighbor-aka "The lady with the TATTOOED EYEBROWS"; question asked by a FOB; other phrases may be: What your name? & Where you go?; sometimes i wonder why she doesnt just ask in cantonese, her native language... it's easier that way; the ONLY thing she can say(besides-what your name? & where you go?).
Tattooed Eyebrows lady: What your name?
Son: I thought you named me! You should know.
Tattooed Eyebrows lady: What your name?!
Son: oh... i forgot thats the only thing you can say.
Tattooed Eyebrows lady: What your name?! (Hi son.)
Son: Hi mom.
by TREEsa :D April 06, 2005

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