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13 definitions by TREE

Something you get from someone that is sexual or loving in nature.
This word is slang for an ACTION not a body part.
Sugar, action, hooking up, kissing, hugging, sexual activity, etc..
"I'm going home to get some nookie from my girl/boyfriend tonight."
by Tree September 11, 2003
874 377
To sell drugs
I just found a new connect. I got a half pound to flip by friday.
by Tree October 30, 2003
313 193
A bong which has multiple ports so numerous people can smoke the same pack at the same time.
Yo my new hooka has 6 hoses
by Tree October 30, 2003
266 156
a word used when someone makes a corney joke, bad pun, etc.
"...orange you glad i didn't say banana?"

(roll your eyes) "arf."
by Tree February 18, 2005
96 36
Chick with big cans that drinks you under the table, but you never, never, ever want to sleep with her.
Cathy is my best party wench!

Damn Jen, you party wench, get the hell outa my bed!
by tree February 02, 2004
11 1
Short form for the town of Oakville, ON, in Canada. See also Jokeville, Cokeville, and "the bubble"
Headin' home to the odot for thanksgiving
by tree November 15, 2004
13 9
when tom linder buys you a drink after youre already way too wasted.
i got lindered on my 21st birthday
by tree May 09, 2004
10 7