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Slang for Ecstacy (MDMA).

Contrary to popular belief, most e pills dont have heroin or other drugs in them, except maybe caffeine. Check www.pillreports.com for user submitted test results/reviews, and www.ecstacydata.org for lab tests.
Person 1: What you doin tonite?
Person 2: I copped some bombs and imma bout to go roll.
by TR420 July 06, 2009
Another form of the word True, said by Notorious BIG in Somebody Gotta Die. Began to gain popularity in certain areas in NJ starting in about 2003.
Person A: Yo, this day sucks let's go burn it down.
Person B: True indeed.
by TR420 July 06, 2009
When you smack a girl in the face with your dick. Grew in popularity in certain areas of NJ after it happening to a girl Tabatha.
Person 1: Yo, this girl keeps buggin the sh-t outta me
Person 2: F-ck it, next time you see her tab smack that bitch, i bet that'll get her to leave you alone.
by TR420 July 06, 2009

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