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3 definitions by TORONTO65

A nickname given to that guy who wore a yellow shirt that one time and someone commented on it. Since then he has worn said yellow shirt, or a different yellow shirt, a few times. Not that many times though.
*Once the nickname Yellow Shirt Guy has been implemented, it can only be replaced by the nickname faggot.
Nick: Hey yellow shirt guy, nice jacket.
Yellow Shirt Guy: Yeah, it's great at keeping off the rain and stuff.
Nick: I know, mine is too, actually...Dammit! That's my jacket! Give it back!
Yellow Shirt Guy: Hey, I have a name you know.
Nick: Sorry, give it back faggot!
by TORONTO65 March 29, 2010
38 25
He's that one guy that you know, and that everyone else knows, but you don't know his name. You do know that he's that guy, not the other guy, but that one guy, you know, the one with the stuff in the thing. He also has some hair and that one thing where he goes places a lot of the time sometimes.
Tyler: Do you have the notes?
Zane: No, that one guy does.
Tyler: Which guy?
Zane: You know, that one guy with the stuff, and he has that thing with the stuff in it, not the other guy, the one who has that thing where he goes places. Do you know who I'm talking about?
Tyler: Yeah, you mean that one guy with the thing where he has hair and stuff right? I know who it is, thanks.
by TORONTO65 March 29, 2010
14 2
Adjective meaning better than amazing.

It can also replace the word amazing, the G at the beginning of the word often allows for a smoother transition.
It's gamazing. (compared to It's amazing)

Hamburgers are gamazing.
by TORONTO65 April 14, 2010
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