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3 definitions by TORIxSAN

A period during summer in which a person performs inefficiently due to the excessive amount of free time on their hands.

The symptoms often include:
-remaining around the house for the majority of the day,
-sleeping in excessive amounts,
-persistent viewing of television,
-prolonged exposure to video games,
-neglecting personal hygiene,
-consuming large quantities of food (in most cases, junk food),
-loss of desire to leave their residence,
-and abstaining contact from the outside world other than Myspace/Facebook or the occasional trip to 7-11.

Causes: Lack of school or a job, absence of friends, insufficient funds, and/or lack of transportation.

Effects: Moodiness, weight gain, shortness of breath (most likely when a patient returns to school and must run the mile), insomnia, increase of nerdiness, shrinkage of intimacy, and/or depression.
Two weeks into summer vacation, Tom fell into the Summer Slump and we didn't see him for two months.
When we returned to school he mentioned that he had become a tenth prestige on "CoDWaW." We noticed that he had gained a few pounds and had broken up with his girlfriend, clearly effects of the Summer Slump.
by TORIxSAN June 10, 2009
Pansy gauges ranging from 16g to 2g.
1. "That little boy from Apocalypto had bigger gauges than your baby gauges!"

2. Iris said Dylan has baby gauges, cause he is only at a 2g and she is at 3/4's of an inch.

3. Pansy: "Aww man I ripped my ear yesterday when I was going up to a 6!"
BAMF: "HAHA look at his baby gauges!!!"
by TORIxSAN September 10, 2008
Harry Potters are glasses worn with no lenses in them.

-These lensless glasses are often made from the classic nerdy style frame or the Ray Ban style frame.

-This term came into existance due to Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter) supposedly wearing lenseless glasses in the Harry Potter movies.

-This style became popular in 2008 with various types of groups such as hip hoppers, scenesters, and hyphy kids.

-These glasses offer no protection from the sun and are merely a fashion trend.
The rims of the glasses are generally bright-colored, cheap plastic.
*At The Pack show*
Tori: Dang, check out those Harry Potters that guy is wearing.
Iris: What a hyphy boss.

The girl wearing the Harry Potters squinted as the sun's rays hit her eyes, regretting ruining her $200 Ray Ban sunglasses.

Photo Examples:



by TORIxSAN September 29, 2008