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Like a love tap, but with your penis, and to the face.
I love getting a friendly wiener slap to the face. They make my day.
by TMaq February 06, 2010
The act of making someone LOL so hard that they die, or in other words, killing them without laying a hand on them, causing one to feel like a ninja.
I practice LOLjitsu by watching Comedy Central.
by TMaq February 06, 2010
Shorter, more nerdy version of the word Faggot. Used to bypass language filters on teh interwebz.
Man, the doosh who started this thread is a real fegat.
by TMaq February 06, 2010
Pronounced or-guh-zizm. A combination of the words organism and orgasm.

The term for a creature who lives in constant orgasm. This feat is accomplished either by sex or, for the true winners, wading through the sea of free-flying dongs that is Chat Roulette.
1. Joe - I can't believe she broke up with me.

Tom - Good riddance, she was a total orgazism when it came to other guys anyways.

2. JayJay was born an orgazism, but once his computer crashed he committed suicide from the lack of dongs and not being able to fill the role of his species.
by TMaq June 14, 2010

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