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A non monetary form of payment by giving blow jobs to your boyfiend for all the things he gives and or does for you.
"Dude, your girlfriend must owe you big time for buying that car!"

"Dont worry buddy shes making blowments on it!"
by TMDJ April 12, 2010
A bandana worn by a BAMF.
When Chuck Norris wears a bandana it is called a bamfdana due the to fact that Chuck Norris is a BAMF.
by TMDJ April 12, 2010
Zero, When you make a "dick fist" with your hand it looks like the number 0
Proper execution of the use of the term would be as follows:

Bill: "How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?"

Joe:(Make a dick fist) "Dick Fist, I don't eat that crap."
by TMDJ January 07, 2011
The coldest version of the cold shoulder
Joe: Man shes pretty cold
Bill: Ya shes giving me the cryogenic shoulder
Joe: You'll have to set her on fire just to warm her up to ya.
by TMDJ November 12, 2012

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