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When the open-minded; optimistic bud-smoker decides to not throw away the roach and use what's left of it. Usually what's left is placed into a relatively small piece or pipe and for the really determined ones, sometimes even stashed away for later when enough roaches equal a gram.
Pot-Head A: Hey you can throw that out man, it's just the roach. Pot-Head B: I'm gunna make your hair static if you ever say something like that again. Dude, we're goin to turtle it.
by TMC (The Marvelous Christian) October 04, 2009
The communication and lifestyle of bud-smokers. 12 percent of this stays rather anonymous.
gert: Yo, met this real chill girl. Oddly enough she even knew what it's like to watch the food channel late at night, found out she was one of the locals.
jeff: it's amzing.
gert: what is?
jeff: How uninteresting your story is because I don't smoke.
gert: yea, I figured.
by TMC (the marvelous christian) October 12, 2009

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