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A handy punching area of one's face, sometimes referred to as the cheeks
"Hey Billy, You're going the right way for a slap round the chops"
by TMB June 17, 2003
To wake up and find you mysteriously have a knackered arm
"ahh shit i must have been sleep wanking all night"
by TMB June 17, 2003
The achievement of getting water on ur bum after dropping a log down toilet
"Man, that was some mad splash-back i got there"
by TMB June 17, 2003
A muscular right arm due to excessive self abuse
"That's some serious Beef-Sleeve mate, you might wanna cut down a little
by TMB June 17, 2003
The obvious noise of someone nearby watching cheesey TV porn
"Oy Sam, I think Dave's Funk Guitarin' downstairs!"
by TMB June 17, 2003
A place in a parallel universe where everyone's keys eventually end up
"Honey, where's my keys?"
"On the side"
by TMB June 17, 2003
A description of someone overly obssessed with the minstrel known as Nelly
"Jesus Christ it's another Cheek-Tape! They're everywhere!"
by TMB June 17, 2003
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