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Blizerp, otherwise known as a blunt, is a cigar that is gutted and then re-stuffed with marijana/weed/pot.
Yo flizzle, spark the blizzerp, fo shizzerp.
by TK February 04, 2004
An undefineable word.
May I smack you in the head with a nice juicy jarlog?

Hmm, i'll jarlog that!

Let's open up a can of jarlog?
by TK June 16, 2004
Slang term used for getting drunk/shitfaced.
Jesus, did you see how blottowed Janus was last weekend? He pissed in the stairwell.
by TK November 12, 2004
Rendog is the top-shelf d-o double gizzle production maestro and smoko-punishing Cherrybrook nigga.
"Where's my muthafucking proofs? Rendog, git yo skinny ass outta the fire escape and onto level six"
by tk August 11, 2004
v. having one's mouth open at all times
n. one who constantly has their mouth open when they are not speaking
a: Are you sure Johnny's allright, he seems pretty spaced out and he's drooling pretty bad
b: Don't worry, he has lapjaw
by TK February 12, 2004
The meaning of which something will not be done anytime soon, if indeed ever.
"let's just put a tk-soon on it and hope it happens"
by TK January 14, 2004
To call someone's name unsuspectingly so that they are forced to turn around while you act inconspicuous and they have no idea who it was.
Did you see my sniping of Mr. Johnson, he had no idea it was me.
by TK November 12, 2004
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