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To be extremely intoxicated to the point of not being able use the function of your extremeties
Kyle was so shattered last night that he hooked up with Metz.
by TK November 12, 2004
what happens when you eat ice cream and drink a beer. tastes good, smells better. usually a loud sound created by pressurized gas escaping through the asophagus creating a melodic sound.
that belch killed the dog!
by tk October 27, 2003
The most beautiful personn in the world
I wish I could have manya
by TK August 21, 2003
n. after a heavy night of drinking on friday night, getting out of the house and into a bar before 2pm the next day.
-- often results in blacking out by sundown.
"how was your weekend"
"passed out on a curb at6pm on saturday"
"sabado caliente eh?"
by TK February 27, 2004
Fat over the penile (or pussy)area
Chris Farley had a lot of FOPA

I can't see my unit under this FOPA
by TK March 23, 2004
Go hoof to the store to get me more chocolates.
by tk August 03, 2002
ie 1.bitch
a 2.female dog
3.a not very nice female
you one hellizle of a bizzen
by tk November 29, 2004

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