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Somone who spends countless(literally countless) time on the internet, usually known for using 1337 and spelling words incorrectly for the hell of itusually resulting in living with their mother even after they are 30 years of age.

5 ways to identify one
1. Someone who uses Leet or 1337 (which is leet for..... leet)

2. Somone who uses Lyke, zOMG (what the hell is zOMG) or the combination OMGWTFBBQ (First off, What in the world does BBQ stand for? Its not Barbecue, Second, why put it together? even I had to erase it a few times before i got it).

3. Someone who gets pissed off if you say something bad about another game that they apparently like, even though you were talking to your friend.

4. Someone who either has a very VERY high IQ or someone with a very VERY low IQ, it varies as there are book geeks, who read many books about everything, and computer geeks(and the usual book-computer, who have the rank of very VERY low IQ) who are more useful to society.

5. If all else fails, then... Someone with the stereotypical glasses, plaid shirt, pants pulled up to their armpits, braces, dorky shoes, very skinny, very smart or thought to be smart, and nasly voice.

<(Bonus)> Someone, when writing, who has complete ignorance to english grammer, spelling, and diction(Word choice, Does "I are a 1337 HAXX0R") who makes mistakes, and continues to make that same mistake on purpose, as it destroys the culture and the future generations as mindless walking zombies roaming the earth, using only their computers to think for them. The only thing they know is Up Down Left Right A B (Triangle, Square, X, Circle, L1, L2, R1, R2)
What a nerd.
That nerd is an idiot. (This would be an example of an oxy moron)
by TJunctionSpacerSpacerLan February 10, 2006

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