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Canadas history has long been decribed as the most fundementally and siturbing sexual act ever conceived by and individual whose name stems from its use of syrup, a moose head mounted on a wall, and a canadian police outfit. The largest man in the group of 8 men and 1 women wears moose head over his own like a mask. his goal is to get the horns into everyone elses rectum before every has had an orgasm and is he fails they all restart. The second man is in charge of the syrup. He boils it and the gently pours it with the use of a funnel into all of the womens orifices coating her in a scalding sticky mess which then three of the other men stick there throbbing memebrs into scalding not only the women but pumping hot syrup out onto the rods of fury. then one man is in a canadian polica outfit and he runs around with his bayonet gently cutting new orifices into the flailing orgy creating new fuckholes for the remainings men to force there penises into. the goal of the act is not only to have sex but also to make sure every gets the horns in there ass before orgasm and to have everyuone covered in boiling maple syrup and to have at least 2 pints of blood spill out from the makeshift fuckholes carved into the side of peoples body by the canadian policemen. Should be filmed.
Doctor: what happened Here!?!
Patient: Canadas History
Doctor: My God!!!!
by TJ the moose lover February 09, 2010

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