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Any object, life-form, or action that is so beast (phenomenal) that it is mentally destructive in an either harmful or inspiring way. *It cannot be said for the same reason twice
Ben was skating on a half-pipe when he flipped over on one side of it and landed perfectly on his board.The crowd shouted in unison, "That was Beastageddon!!"

* Ex: You call an action you see today beastageddon. The next day, you see it again. You must find another word to describe it.
by TJ Swaggerson December 01, 2009
The feeling you get when your life is perfect for 30 days in succesion
My new girlfriend has given me head every day for 3 months and I've got 15 raises at work since then. I'm feeling pretty Flytonomous.
by TJ Swaggerson December 02, 2009
The polar opposite of beastageddon
After doin all of those complicated and extreme tricks, Ben slipped on a piece of ice in his kitchen and broke both of his arms and legs and suffered minor head trauma. The doctor told him that his situation was almost beyond Malifaux.
by TJ Swaggerson December 02, 2009
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