66 definitions by TJ

an expression of love
I love you more than 10 million sockeye
by TJ March 03, 2004
to have a blood alcohol level of 0.2 or greater
I'm getting weird tonight.
by TJ November 12, 2004
as in m10 surfcrew from long island! can also be used to describe cool shit
1 that last one was sick! completely m10
2 your moms tits are fully m10
3 dont blame us cause the m10 surfcrew dogged your girl
4 this weed is m10 bro
by tj April 20, 2005
A man with long, flowing blonde hair resembling a woman.
I was walking behind this hot chick, but it ended up just being a Vit.
by TJ January 28, 2003
A name for your friend, homeboy.
'Ey god, what's happening?
by Tj November 15, 2004
dawn patrol
early morning surf sesh
lets hit it a like 5am, full on dawn patrol
by tj April 20, 2005
sponger or other annoying obstacle inside a surf spot
sometimes you hit em on purpose cause theyr annoying
last wave was sick, but i hit a few speed bumps on the way in
by tj April 20, 2005

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