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66 definitions by TJ

A replacement for many words you would get in trouble for saying. Such as, when talking to your girlfriend and getting angered. shout SPLARGAL SNARF! in place of "YOU FUCKING WHORE I HOPE YOU DIE IN A HORRIABLE TRIAN WRECK!" and she will be utterly confused.
My girlsfriend has been a fucking splargal snarf latly. I hope she shes.
by TJ January 30, 2005
Someone who rapes clowns and wears fat people clothes.
You clown-fucker. You want to die?!
by TJ October 29, 2004
When something is really dandy; extra special; tops; wicked; awesome;
Wow John! Your new Y-Fronts are sminootin!
by TJ February 23, 2004
an anonymous word that starts conversations
by TJ June 11, 2003
its when a person makes a mistake and though he attempts to make ammends and correct the mistake, he does it in the hardest way possible. The term originates from a character in the lord of the rings. In the prequel to Lotr, the Silmarillion, Glorfindel is an elf who dies in battle and goes to the elvish equivalant to valhala. But magically in Lotr a charachter by the same name returns and assists frodo. Tolkien later adimited it was a mistake. In stead of going back and changing the name of the charachter in the Silmarillion (which would have been easy since it was yet to be published at the time of tolkiens revelation) he made up this convaluted story about the valor calling Glorfindel back into service from the halls of mandos to fight against sauron, this all ends in glorfindel being reincarnated. So basically when you take the hard road to fixing a mistake.
Dude, why are you glorfindeling this situation. Just tell the bitch your sorry you cheated on her. You dont have to go and castrate your self, its totally unnessacary!
by TJ February 26, 2005
A guy who is whipped with out getting butty
Katie has Matt pussy whipped
by TJ February 01, 2005
A canadian
people south of the border (mexicans) are monkeys, and people north of the border (canadians) are snow monkeys
by TJ May 17, 2004