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The illest most meanest ganstasis in all the land.
by TJ May 09, 2003
"Hecksta" (synonymous with hecka or hella) was used in the early to mid 90's to emphasize a point or meaning.
Dude, that movie was HECKSTA LAME!
by TJ June 14, 2006
A really ugly kid who spends a lot of his time talking trash and playing Madden 2005. Usually, this person can be found looking at coolvideoclips.com
Man, that Gary kid is a freakin fag!
by TJ January 28, 2005
person who lips are so big that when they talk, you think a pile of shit will fly out. See shit.
You're a fucking assmouth!
by TJ December 13, 2004
The urethra opening or the opening of the penis.
The nurse inserted the catheter through John's uro.
by TJ March 12, 2004
extremly cool, in style
those boots are so morjaria
by tj November 24, 2003
hitting spongers (boogie boarders, body boarders) on purpose when your surfing
these spongers got some balls to drop in on me like that, time for some sponge bowling
by tj April 20, 2005

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