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66 definitions by TJ

looking at porn on the internet and jacking off
imma go bust a internet nut
by tj January 11, 2004
7 3
The threory that explains everything that is not Blargal Snarf
...too complacated for an example
by TJ January 11, 2004
9 5
gym-nazi; health nut
Legault told me all this crap about hotdogs and now expects me not to eat em. what a bunch of crap.
by TJ December 12, 2003
6 2
a person whos super sketchy
man that guys a total sketch book
by tj April 20, 2005
4 2
Hot, cute and fun

all mine
theoni is hot, cute and fun and will let me win cause i (L) ya
by tj October 16, 2004
6 4
what residents of detroit call the 313(detroit's area code) better known as detroit.
where you from?

im from the 3 1 third
by tj June 16, 2006
5 4
somthing that is dank

the pick of the crop
god that dank was the bo dangles
by tj September 03, 2004
8 7