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3 definitions by TIME Lincoln

The act of procasterbating by blasterbating.
I was so bored so I was problasterbating into the kitchen sink from across the room.
by TIME Lincoln March 03, 2011
1 0
The act of masturbating as far as possible into a toilet, urinal or woman's mouth with exacting accuracy.
I was really bored, so I decided stand as far away from the toliet, a.k.a. your mom's mouth, as possible and blasterbate.
by TIME Lincoln March 03, 2011
2 3
The act of procrastinating by masturbating.
Girlfriend: Jimmy, why didn't you call me last night?

Jimmy: I apologize, I was procrasterbating to your sister's Facebook profile pictures.
by TIME Lincoln March 03, 2011
5 8