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3 definitions by TI894life

Short for asian sensation. Used to quickly describe a person of Asian descent exhibiting admirable qualities.
Person1: Damn! Taufik Hidayat plays some mean badminton.
Person2: Yeah, he's a sensasian.
by TI894life October 20, 2008
A stringed instrument, most commonly found in the Hindu Kush, wearing a large black hat and having curly string-like material descending from the sides. Other common features are large nose and glasses. The sound is said to relieve the listener of all petty cash.
Dude, I once saw a jewsitar in India. Sounded like Phil Collins.
Dude. Mine sounds like Kiss.

Hey man, jewsitar isn't a Scrabble word.
*Whines* But I get the triple word score!
by TI894life June 30, 2009
Resembles a cougar. Differs by extremely strong attraction to the buttocks. Known to cruise sunny cities with camera and seduce unsuspecting young women.
Also a dingo with the misfortune of being born with its butt on its face.
Bro, this cougar just tried to seduce my sis.
Bro, that's a fannydingo. She cruises around town layin random chicks.
No way, bro!
Yeah, bro, it's pretty sick. She slaps some mean tits. And ass.

Hey, fannydingo isn't a Scrabble word!
*Whines* But it gives me so many points!
by TI894life June 30, 2009