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A black girl with a disgusting mouth odor and love to have sex pleasure
She's Purple Poon!
by THUNDER BOLT February 26, 2013
An obsession for the main character of '50 shades trilogy'- Christian Grey
This word is a combination of the last name of the character, 'Grey', and the word 'obsess'
'Oh my god, I'm greysessed ever since I read '50 shades of grey'.'
'It wouldn't be surprising that nowadays a majority of women are greysessed.'
by THUNDER BOLT December 16, 2013
Commonly associated with the rare herberters, a bush-wooki is an individual who sits in bushes next to a side walk or pathway who waits for the unsuspecting person to walk by, and the bush-wooki touches the person in the ass. If the person doesn't know where the touch came from it was a successful bush-wooki attempt.
There's a bush-wooki on main street, watch out he'll touch your butt.
by Thunder Bolt March 14, 2015

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