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20 definitions by THEMAN

Just your typical Wrong Island Short person.
Bruiser is short and has never owned a DSM
by TheMan April 21, 2005
13 35
The man, god, also known as Randy Moss. Tinkerbell owns all those who step in his way. Tinkerbell has a team, "Team Tink" he does whatever he wants to whoever he wants. Also Tinkerbell is the #2 RPS player in the nation a feat very few can reach.
Randy Moss is the best example that comes to mind
by theman December 05, 2003
1 24
a place where people can spell and pronounce Louis Vuitton, buy not much else
girl 1- hey look at my lou vuton bag
girl 2- it's Louis Vuitton, if you can't prnuonce it it's obvoulsly a fake
by THEMAN December 10, 2004
31 66
french word for a persons lack of ability to show compassion
Hey chris, have fun with your foofie.
by theMAn January 11, 2005
10 47
A wannabe gangster that was rejected from any type of crip gang, so they go to the bloods as a refugee.
Look at that blood BK homey.
by TheMan April 22, 2005
34 83
an all girls school where lesbians frequently try to put down certain female students/athletes who refuse to satisfy their "womanly needs"..
Coach: you want to play? come in my office for a couple minutes (wink wink)
athlete: NO, i AM STRAIGHT!
coach: you're off the team.. wait no, you're expelled!
by theman February 23, 2005
41 118