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It is from when you eat spicy foods and later on you feel the burn on the butt.. It feels like acid.. hense the term acid ass.
Dude i ate some mexican food yesterday and i have some serous acid ass today
by THEBIGO August 07, 2006
Definition to use after you have had sex with a girl that has a yeast infection and still had her cunt cream on. Its what your dick looks like after you are done
Man i nailed that chick last night and didn't know that puss was stank still i saw i had cream cheese dick
by THEBIGO August 11, 2006
Simple and basic. Its a stroller for children (fuck trophy)

Dude that chick has a fuck trophy.

how do you know that?

Simple he has a trophy trollie dumbass
by THEBIGO August 22, 2006
Another term for a pussy.. Ussualy used to describe a loose one pussy. To add bonus point when she has roast beef you can call a child slide that has the drapes. The slip and slide
Dude i hit that bitches child slide.

Man that bitch was so bad in bed cuz she had a child slide.
I mean it was so bad that she thing was like a slipand slide.
by THEBIGO August 07, 2006
Its a black person (african american) That dresses like a skateboarder, or is one.. He just isn't accepted into today's punk society
Dude what the hell is that Vans nigger doing here?
This is a skate park not compton.

Yeah shouldn't he be back in the hood selling crack?
by THEBIGO August 17, 2006

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